The project accelerator and Launchpad of the Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem

Headstarter is curating the best early stage Hedera Hashgraph projects and connecting them with community & descentralized funding.

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Scrutinized selection

Assuring only the most transformative, valuable & meaningful projects get admitted into the HeadStarter program

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Accelerator support

Vetted teams can be assisted by our team of experts in area of development, strategy & knowledge in industry best practices

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KYC compliant

All investors pass strict verifications assuring their eligibility to participate in upcoming public sales

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... The missing link

Headstarter leverages the crowdfunding, community and marking the inflection point towards exponential growth of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem

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Team Members

Tudor Holotescu

Blockchain solutions architect. Decentralization focused entrepreneur. Believes education should be the first step in one's blockchain/DeFi/NFT/crypto journey. Tokenize & gamify.

Victor Holotescu

PhD student involved in SSI educational projects, a passionate developer with experience gained from startups and corporations, a teamplayer with a desire to be part of a thriving and proactive team, with strong beliefs in a web3 future.

Anca Nicolae

Hands on developer with a comprehensive knowledge of system architecture design, versed in the FinTech space. Passionate about challenging problems which require out of the box thinking, the decentralised world being a favourite playground.

Victor Adascalitei

Passion driven developer. Technical Lead focused on AI, Deep Learning solutions (especially in the generative realm) and everything between the tedious EVM opcodes and global cloud architectures

Valeriu-Vladut Oprisor

Pixel guru. Web-ing like a pro with anything that's visual from logos to 3D models, all nicely glued together with logic powered by the likes of React, Vue, Angular ... you name it; it's done!

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